Kopstoot – Genever

A beer and a genever, the perfect combination!

A “kopstootje” is a Dutch speciality where you combine a beer with a shot (kopstootje) of ¨Jenever¨. Genever is the precursor of gin.

When you drink these two grain beverages side by side, with their own character, you’ll see that the flavors really influence each other. Genever can make your beer taste a lot sweeter and thanks to the beer the genever just tasts nice and refreshing.

There are so many different variations, brewing methods and ways to drink it. Try it and let it convince you. If you have any questions about it, or you like to try a little zip, just ask us and we´re happy to help you!

Bols – Zeer oude jenever

Bols Zeer Oude Genever is a genever of more than 15% malt wine (in the case of Bols, 19% exactly), alcohol of 35% and less than 20 gr. of sugar per liter of mixture. It is called old genever, not because of its aging, but because of the mixture.

It is obtained by creating a mixture of malted barley, rye, corn and wheat, macerate it and distill the paste that is created two to four times, obtaining an alcohol called “malt wine”. On the other hand, the botanical products are introduced, the classic gin products (juniper, angelica, lily root, coriander and regalíz), plus some special, in neutral alcohol, obtained from corn, mixing this infusion with the malt wine.

Bobby´s – Schiedam Genever

Bobby’s jenever is a unique blend of Indonesian spices and traditional malt wine. Traditional Indonesian spices and botanical ingredients give Bobby’s Schiedam Jenever its unique flavor profile, with a fresh burst of lemon and herbs from the first sip.



Rutte & ZN – Oude Simon

Rutte Oude Simon is a genever prepared according to the ancient recipe of the distillery’s founder, Simon Rutte. This genever is distilled from grains, spices and juniper berries. Nuts are a crucial element in its composition. Last prize: Silver Medal for International Spirits Challenge 2016.

Zuidam – Spelt Genever

This Genever (or jenever) is a new delivery from the Van Zuidam distillery, combining the rich flavor of spelt with fresh flavors of juniper, licorice and anise. It goes through a triple distillation in a small still, with the spelt dough. The resulting spelt distillate is aged in new American oak barrels for 1 year.

Bols – Corenwyn 4 yrs

This exclusive Bols Corenwyn owes its unmistakable character to four years of maturation in French oak barrels from the Limousin region. Its taste is so similar to some mild malt whiskies that in some blind tasting, more than one taster confused it with whisky.

Filliers – Oude Graanjenever 5 yrs

This Oude Graanjenever is a traditional Belgian genever made from distilled corn, wheat, rye and malted barley. It has been aged for 5 years in 200-litre American oak barrels. This grain distillate is mixed with the carefully selected juniper berries, which have been distilled in separate barrels for five years as well.



Kever Genever – Crisp & Hoppy




Zuidam – Oude Genever 3 jaar 

Zuidam Distillers is one of the last independent distilleries in the Netherlands that still manufactures and processes all its distillates and extracts in the traditional way within its own family business. The taste of Zuidam Zeer Oude Jenever 3 jaar can be described as extremely balanced with notes of vanilla enriched with oak and sweet sugar. Genever can be drunk both as an aperitif and as a digestive.


Fockink & Lowlander – IPA Genever

Lowlander I.P.A. (a smooth 6% I.P.A. with fruity citrus notes and a perfect balance between hops and herbs) is distilled into a refined, clear 38% genever with a fresh, hoppy and slightly bitter aroma, after which it is blended with a distilled malt base of wheat and juniper.

Zuidam – Quadruple Genever Oloroso

A limited edition of an extraordinary Zuidam genever. This genever aged for 4 years in barrels of Jerez Oloroso exclusively. It consists the following malted grains: Barley, rye, and corn. 

Rutte & ZN – Zeeuwier Genever

Rutte Zeewier Jenever is a genever distilled from grains, spices and juniper berries, but the recipe also includes Kombu seaweed, giving it a subtle aroma and salty taste.

Filliers – Chocolate Genever

The best combination of genever, cream and real Belgian chocolate. Filliers Chocolate genever is a new way to discover chocolate


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