Would you like to learn more about beer? Or discover what you like, do a tasting!

We like to spread our knowledge about beer in all kinds of ways: at the bar, through a tasting, but also through a combination of food and beer. We will introduce you to tasty beers, whether these beers are local, national or international.  We have a lot of possibilities and options such as;
– Spanish beer tasting
– Valencian/regional beer tasting
– Beer and genever pairing
– Trappist tasting
– Westvleteren tasting
– Orval (different years) tasting
– Bapas pairing; small bites to go with every beer

In fact, anything is possible!

Special beers are not standard beers, that’s why we don’t have standard prices for our tastings, it depends on your wishes and what you want extra. Please feel free to contact us at so we can talk your wishes and the possibilities together!

Tastings are available in English, Dutch and Spanish.


Café El Sacristán 
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